Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does it mean when hair is unprocessed?

Unprocessed hair still has every strand facing the same direction and is from a single donor. This makes it easier to get a better color application should you want to do that. It also lasts longer than processed hair.

2. What are the advantages to buying human hair?

Human hair has a lot more versatility when it comes to styling, as using heat tools will not damage it the way it can damage synthetic hair. It also provides a more natural look.

3. How do I put on a wig?

There are so may different ways to apply a wig. It can greatly depend on the construction. A lace front will require an adhesive of some kind: lace glue, got2b freeze spray. However if there is lace involved, we would recommend having a professional stylist secure the hair for you. Other methods may include pins, clips, or tape. People have even been known to sew wigs on.

     4. What is the best way to store my wig?

Ideally a wig stand or mannequin head would be used to maintain the wigs shape. And a cool, dry area to preserve the quality of the hair.

      5. How often should I wash my wig?

Once every 7 days of wear is a good number to go by. However a situation may call for a shorter amount of time. Just be careful not to wash too frequently.

     6. How long does the hair last?

When taken care of, hair may last for up to a year. It is important to note that wigs last longer if not worn daily. For this reason, many avid wig wearers end up owning multiple. This can be wise for practical reasons as well as reducing stress when it comes to styling. Having wigs with different textures may lessen the time spent on styling as well as the amount of heat used on hair.